@ Previous Position

For Tracking Sequ

This macro can sometimes work faster then, store remove or deleting parameters in the track sheet.

Running a cue stack and fixture 35 just moved from A to B in the current cue + the cyc went up to a new level and you want to have the previous values (delete the current value).

Select fixture 35 + the cyc group and hit the macro (the fixtures and channels you want to delete has to be selected, if the programmer contains other ch/fix, not selected, does not mather).

Line 1: Block cue channel 360 (a not important to track ch or dummy ch)

Line 2: Store World 200

Line 3: World 200

Line 4: Delete cue

Line 5: off preset 1 thru 9

Line 6: World 0 (your working world, in this case Full World)

Line 7: Delete World 200

The selection is set to previous position (deleted from the current cue).

Only the parameter of temporary world 200 will be deleted from the cue. If you select fixture 35 and activate color, run the macro, only color information of fixture 35 is deleted from the cue. If fixture 35 is selected but no parameters are active, all parameters of fixture 35 is deleted in the current cue.

If you select all hard values of a cue and hit the macro, the cue will be deleted. So the intension of Line 1 in the macro is to make sure that the whole cue never is deleted.

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