To set a preheat value of dimmers, stored to cue's.

I'm in cue 51 and I want to make a preheat to this cue, in previous cue (cue50).

Ifoutput 01 Thru Enter (selects ch/fix with dimmer output of cue 51) -> Go- (to cue 50).

Run the macro:

Line 1: Store Group 991

Line 2: Ifoutput at 0

Line 3: Store Group 992

Line 4: Group 991 If Group 992

Line 5: At 05 (the preheat value)

Line 6: Delete Group 991 + 992

Update Cue.

Only dimmers that had a zero value in cue 50 and a value above zero in cue 51, now have a preheat value of 05 in cue 50.

**Take any selection, execute the macro, only fixtures/ channels within that selection and with a dimmer value of 0 is given the preheat value.

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