Nonalternating Effect Tables

All effect-tables/forms (apart from "swing-up") of the Effect-engine alternates between positive and negative values.


Sometimes one want to have shapes that only adds, or substract, not both....

The workaround for this is to add an additional effectline that adds half the size for the the whole period:


to make this shape go from 0 thru +10%, add a line that always is +5%

A line that adds 5% is made with a PWM shape of 10% and WIDTH=100%

(!) PWM 10% equals -5% for fixtures in LO-state and +5% for fixtures in HI-state. By setting the WIDTH (column all to the right) to 100%, all fixtures are forced to HI-state.

(!) WIDTH 100% and FADE 0% forces to HI-state; WIDTH 0% forces to LO-state

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