Create A Window Pop-up.

If you click or press on an empty cell on any of the screens you are presented with this pop-up:

This allows you to create a new window on you screen. If you try to create a window that need more space you are presented with this warning:

On the “Create A Window” pop-up there are two buttons in the upper right corner. “Clear Screen” removes any excising windows on that screen. The blue cross closes the pop-up without any changes.

The following is a (vary) short description of the different windows you can create. They are divided into different categories: Sheets, Pools, Presets and Other.


There are nine different sheets:


The pools are essentially collections of (almost) everything a show contains. There are fourteen different pools categories:


Presets are a way of storing attribute values on buttons for easy recall. The window is much like the pools window.
The presets are divided into nine different attribute categories and one All category:


This category are windows that doesn’t fall into the categories above. They are very different, but useful windows:


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