USB sticks

below you will find a list of "good" & "bad" USB-sticks - please fill in your experiments

There is a lot different USB-devices on the market, which difference both in what they identify as (USBClass), how they communicate with the desk (USB Subclass), and the filesystem format of the diskspace to write your data to.

The grandMA OS (VxWorks) is not a plug-n-play OS, so if stick needs special installer etc it may be unsupported.

If you are having issues with USB-sticks, please take the following precuations before dedicating a specific stick to use for the grandMA


"USB stick must be formatted as FAT32. There are various formatted sticks out there, and a suspicion that other FATs can course trouble or will not work at all."

"Not supported Subclass 2(SFF8020I), which is normally used for CD/DVD devices.

Unfortunately there are such sticks at market.

Partly supported Subclass 5 (SFF8070I), not tested yet.

Full supported Subclass 6 (SCSI), which are most sticks and drives."


These ones have been reported as working fine by users:

Manufacturer & Model: (in alphabetical order)


Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB (The blue one, not the highspeed version)

Works fine

Corsair Flash Voyager 4GB (The blue one, not the highspeed version)

Works fine

Kingston Data Traveler 1GB USB 2.0

Works fine

LG USB Drive 1GB USB 2.0

Works fine

OTi Flash Disk USB Drive 256MB USB 2.0

Works fine

Pretec i-Disk Wave 2GB USB 2.0

Works fine

Kingston Data Traveler U3 2GB

Works fine

Sony Microvault 8GB

Works fine


These ones had issues as experienced by users

Manufacurere & Model: (in alphabetical order)


Freecom Databar 1GB

Can cause desk to crash when changing sticks

Kingston DT Mini Fun 2GB

Is suspected to course strange behaviour

Dane-Elec 16GB FC

2 known cases of corrupting the file system

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