grandMA onPC for MAC OSX (also called grandMA onMAC)

On a regular basis some people ask to have OnPC running on their MAC computer.

Solutions possible is either to use a PC emulation software on Mac OS or - on Newer Macs with Intel processor, there are two other options:

#1: Install Parallels Desktop and Windows XP

#2: Install Bootcamp and Windows XP

(Quoted Uli Weiss 06-11-07 on

For the reoccuring question "will there ever be a pure MAC OS version of OnPC", Michael Adenau posted the following in January 2007 on

"Yes, we did work on it since 1 1/2 year. And we put already a half man-year work into that. Actually we paused the project because of other more important work to do now. To be honest we don't know if we will continue and invest another man-year especially if in two or three years in the future most MAC users will have bought already a new MAC and all our work will be mostly wasted.


Not much has changed since then regarding OSX support.

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